Shaping the Future of Europe

The Shaping the Future of Europe Initiative will bring together European youth, youth organisations and CSOs addressing polarisation, radicalisation, youth civic engagement and participation.

Strengthen European democratic culture and values of inclusion, human rights and diversity. The initiative will include conversations with inspirational activists across Europe, impact careers exposition, stories of change, youth debates about hot topics like anti-gender movements, conspiracy theories, fake news, collection of creative pieces, game nights and much more.

Bring forward the voices of young people across Europe to enable them to create the future they want for Europe, and to support empowering youth to engage directly on key issues affecting our community and Europe, and build our alliances and movement. To be one of the spaces bringing together youth organizations across Europe working to champion the future of Europe: democracy, human rights & inclusion.

Extended Detailed Brochure of the Initiative

European Café

The European Café is an event where the participants have the opportunity to discuss a relevant topic about the present and future of Europe, in a relaxed and informal atmosphere. 

The purpose of the event is to bring together young people from different backgrounds, passionate about the giving topic, about the issues concerning the future of Europe, and give them a safe space where they can make their voices heard.

Upcoming Events

European Café #4: The Role of Gender in Preventing and Countering Extremism and Radicalisation in Europe Gender and Extremism 27 MARCH at 15:00 CET
European Café #5: Youth confronting the rise of Antisemitism in Europe Anti-semitism in Europe 24 APRIL at 15:00 CET
European Café #6: Meet the youth working for change in Europe Youth Activism – Youth working for change in Europe 22 MAY at 15:00 CET

Youth Live

Youth Live is an event for virtual socialization and cultural exchange. 

The purpose of the event is to build on the benefits of the online environment and connect with others, share ideas and support each other. It will focus on providing a space for youth to socialise in a healthy, safe and fun environment.

Our second Youth Live event will take place on March 18, at 17:00 CET!

This edition we have decided to introduce you to our first Escape Room! 

The idea of this activity is to give every participant a voice and the chance to engage during our event!  You will only have to get involved, find the clues and escapewhile also engaging with other young people across Europe!

For participating, you can register here:


Youth Summit

Youth Summit is a 2-days event where the participants will be equipped with different ideas on how they can be active in the community through counternarratives development, art & performance for societal change and youth activism

The summit will include workshops and highly engaging sessions with key speakers and a participatory dynamic that allows the youth to be protagonists.

The event is designed to engage the participants by bringing expert speakers, partner organizations and institutions, alongside motivational speakers that will together contribute to an interactive and practical medium of learning and expression.