Political Capital Policy Research & Consulting Institute

Political Capital is an independent policy research, analysis and consulting institute founded in 2001 in Budapest, Hungary. We are committed to the basic values of parliamentary democracy, human rights and market economy. Our mission is to achieve social change by increasing understanding for politics and by promoting public discourse and policy-making based on knowledge, evidence, and critical thinking. We have developed an extended network of professional partners, both domestically and internationally, all of whom have helped our institute to become one of the major think tanks in Central and Eastern Europe. Our core fields of expertise include authoritarian influence, conspiracy theories and fake news, radicalism and extremism and the state of democratic institutions.

We have conducted a number of both research and prevention projects related to radicalisation. Besides our expertise in the characteristics and peculiarities of radicalisation in the CEE region, we also have valuable experience in different types of radicalisation prevention projects (e.g., counter-narrative projects, education projects). Moreover, we have a broad network of experts, policy-makers and first-line practitioners dealing with radicalisation in the region but especially in Hungary.

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