Playlist for Democracy

A good song can make the difference between giving up or continuing even when you think you have reached a dead end or all your limits.

We have asked 20 activists from Hungary, Italy, Poland and Romania which is their favourite song that keeps them going in their weak moments. Also, in their stories, you will find what keeps them motivated and focused, and some tips and tricks on how to cope with hatred and extremism.

Before you proceed, we challenge you to match our activists with their favourite song and then take the quizzes at the end of their stories to find out if your guess was correct.


What’s your tune?

Jacek Purski
Joanna Grabarczyk
Kosma Kolodziej
Victor Ciobotaru
Lucian Dunareanu
Szilvia Szenasi
Tiziana Montalbano
Ákos Topolánszky
Eszter Hajdu
Janos Wagner
Loredana Mihaly
Maura Gancitano
Mircea Toma
Przemyslaw Witkowski
Silvia Burcea
Veronika Gábor
Adrian Szelmenczi
Alessandra Cannizzo
Andras Nyrati
Andrzej Kruczynski