It is time to be #MakingChange!

How do the problems in our societies in Europe make you feel? Confused, overwhelmed, angry, indifferent, powerless? Are you thinking - why should I care at all? And what impact would my actions have anyway? Well, good news is that they can have a tremendous impact! Think about Greta Thunberg - the Swedish climate activist who has been the inspiration for youth climate strikes in Europe and across the world. Think about a small group of students who have survived the Parkland shooting in Florida, US. They have created a „Never Again” campaign and organised a huge March for Our Lives in Washington in 2018, one of the biggest youth-attended marches since the Vietnam War protests in the 1960s. Your idea, your vision for your country or the world, your determination to pursue it matters! It can inspire others and make them join you or even help create an entire movement!


Making Change

Here is a step-by-step guide on key-elements that you need to take into account when you want to take action for the public interest and for
the greater good.

Curious to understand how change happens?

If you are looking for sources of inspiration to promote initiatives aiming at achieving a positive change in your community, you must have surely made your own research on the Internet.

There are indeed plenty of websites and blogs which provide expert and peer advice on how to start your grassroot movement and promote your initiatives both online and offline, and the BRAVE project is no exception!

Nonetheless, you might feel sometimes that these advice are too theoretical and would hardly be applicable to your own context.

This is why we collected 5 inspiring stories of successful youth-led change!

Whether promoted by a single person or a group of people, through social media channels or peaceful demonstrations, addressing local issues or nationwide challenges, these stories have one thing in common: they are promoted by young people without any special status or privilege and, despite that…they are a success!

We collected details and testimonies of these initiatives, the challenges they wanted to address and the actions promoted to achieve change, and we hope that by reading them you will find the inspiration and motivation you need to make your own change!


Perspectives & Context (Video)

Engage with the story of young people from Dąbrowa Górnicza (Poland) who organized the Empathy Festival to prevent discrimination and radicalisation.

How you can make a change - experiences of young people from Dąbrowa Górnicza (Poland)

#DoOneBraveThing : social change

We’ve talked to four young activists from Poland and asked them what “social change” means to them, what drives them and which way they decided to take to in order reach their goals.
Tune in to hear the stories from:

– Julia Kelsz, who co-founded think-do tank Ważne Sprawy

– Hela Gil, activist working with Wolontariat Równości (Volunteer for Equality)

– Grzegorz Chodkowski, who’s worked to establish a Municipal Youth Council in his hometown of Kamienna Góra

– Piotr Nowak, executive director of the Polish National Youth Council