It is time to be #MakingChange!

How do the problems in our societies in Europe make you feel? Confused, overwhelmed, angry, indifferent, powerless? Are you thinking - why should I care at all? And what impact would my actions have anyway? Well, good news is that they can have a tremendous impact! Think about Greta Thunberg - the Swedish climate activist who has been the inspiration for youth climate strikes in Europe and across the world. Think about a small group of students who have survived the Parkland shooting in Florida, US. They have created a „Never Again” campaign and organised a huge March for Our Lives in Washington in 2018, one of the biggest youth-attended marches since the Vietnam War protests in the 1960s. Your idea, your vision for your country or the world, your determination to pursue it matters! It can inspire others and make them join you or even help create an entire movement!