Perspectives & Context (Video)

What do you want others to know? What story will make the world a better place? What is your view of things? It is up to you to make your voice be heard. Start creating your story that will make the misleading or hateful messages evaporate like smoke. Own the narrative.

The danger of a single story

US campaign to combat Islamic extremist propaganda

The Power of Personal Narrative

Perspectives & Context (Articles)

Science of Story Building: Master and Counter Narratives

Narratives clearly have the power to persuade and impact the attitudes, beliefs, and actions of audiences. However, narratives as tools aren’t neutral. They can be used to persuade people for positive aims such as justice, equality, and sustainability, but they can also be used to build support for terrorism, authoritarianism, and violence. Click and learn more about how to use them for the positive change you want to be.

Promoting emotional intelligence and defusing extremism among young men

In the digital space, promoting counter-narratives is useful to avoid young people seeking answers in unfortunate places, to avoid them becoming part of extremist or radicalised communities, and to enable them to take part in the democratic debate and to make good use of their freedom of speech. An example of one such initiative is the Danish podcast series “Lige På” (“Straight On”, roughly translated).

To deradicalise extremists, former neo-Nazis use a radical method: empathy

Interview with Shanon Martinez, program manager of Free Radical Project, an Illinois-based non-profit that helps people disengage from extremism. Martinez co-founded the non-profit with Christian Picciolini—both were former white supremacists. Now, Martinez says, they are “working together to build a more equitable and just future.”

When the Revolution Was Televised

Martin Luther King Jr. was an excellent television producer. He had a keen sense of drama, the use of celebrity, and television’s desire for villains and heroes. The organisation he co-founded, the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, became the most successful civil-rights organization of the era by combining mass protests and media savvy.

RAN guidelines for effective alternative and counter-narrative campaigns (GAMMMA+)

This manual is a super useful in-depth resource that you can use when building you campaigns. It is quite technical and not very glam, but super reliable and based on proven-to-work campaigns.

A Nimble (NMBL) Approach to Youth Engagement

Even though it is a intended to be used by organizations working with youth, rather then by youth themselves, this paper is useful as it is complementing the RAN guidelines for the GAMMMA+ model. Also, it has a very interesting section on producing and amplifying new narratives that is worth checking out.


The Bookmarks manual is aimed at trainers working with youth but, with a little bit of imagination you could play the role of both the trainer and the trainee. It has a very interesting section on campaigning strategies and several activities to exercise your skills and arrange your thoughts on this topic.

The Counter-Narrative Toolkit website is a super focused, user-friendly resource for anyone wanting to engage in counter-narrative campaigns. Be careful, however: the huge amount of information can also make you feel a bit lost but if you have enough time to spend it can prove one of the most useful collection of resources you could find. Available in English only.


Another great tool to address hate speech from the Council of Europe. It’s strongpoints? Its level of detail, its focus on youth and its focus on supporting human rights narratives. Available in English (and French) only.

No Hate Speech Movement

Want to see examples of successful youth led campaigns aimed at curbing hate speech? Here is a great collection of sub-campaigns under the bigger brand of the No Hate Speech Movement Campaign initiated by the Council of Europe. Available in English only.

Get the trolls out

Get the trolls out was a super successful project that also involved a lot of content creation aimed at countering hate narratives and exposing haters. Here you can get inspired by checking out their videos, memes, cartoons and other communication products. Available in English only.

Effective narratives: updating the GAMMMA+ model

This is the Radicalisation Awareness Network’s update for their manual on the GAMMMA+ model (which we have also included among the resources on our website). Unfortunately, unlike the manual, it is available in English only.

Communication your ideas through storytelling and design

It’s not strictly related to counter and alternative narratives, but Google’s course on communicating your ideas through storytelling and design can certainly prove useful. It’s a free resource, though available only in English.