Perspectives & Context (Video)

What do you want others to know? What story will make the world a better place? What is your view of things? It is up to you to make your voice be heard. Start creating your story that will make the misleading or hateful messages evaporate like smoke. Own the narrative.

Deconstructing extremist narratives

Learn more about narratives in our video and get a better understanding on what extremism is. The video helps you to recognise when you face extremist ideologies online or in the real world and provides you with ideas on how to react to them.

Polarisation - what is it? How is it related to the refugee crisis?

Find out what polarization is and how threatening with refugees has changed Poles’ attitudes towards refugees.

What is an extremist narrative?

In this video you will discover what an extremist narrative is and you will understand how the extremist narratives are created. It includes the definition of Extremism, examples from day- to-day life and the types of extremist narratives (simple & emotional) and their methods. This is the first video from Do One Brave Thing tutorial series on developing counter-narrative campaigns.

Effective counter-narrative campaigns

In this video you will discover what it actually means to create an effective counter-narrative campaign and the 5 main steps it involves: Structure, Characters, Context, Character Development and Meaning. The video also goes more into depth, presenting each of these steps and how to implement them in order to have a successful counter-narrative campaign.

Identifying the extremist narrative you want to counter

From this video you will understand why and when it’s important to do a brave thing and counter extremist narratives. The definition and threat of Group Polarisation also comes up and it’s explained with real-life examples, in order to give a context, but also guidance to youth on how to counter extremist narratives.

Using resources effectively when campaigning

Now that you understand the meaning of extremism, how you can identify it and most importantly, how you can counter it and you decide to start and draft your campaign, this video will help you plan and use your resources effectively.

How to maximise the impact of your campaign

Our previous videos have shown you how to create an effective counter narrative campaign, now we show you how to maximize the impact of your campaign. The actual steps on how to do this, are listed during the video: 1. Always adapt to the reality of your audience and always keep in mind your final goal, 2. Make it visual, 3. Brand your campaign, 4. Engage with your audience, 5. Pay attention to moderation when going online, 6. Do not underestimate the power of onsite campaigning, 7. Constantly monitor, evaluate and adapt your campaign. 

#DoOneBraveThing : polarisation and extremist narratives

This video is a part of the #DoOneBraveThing tutorial videos series, designed and recorded in the course of Do One Brave Thing project, funded by the European Union’s Internal Security Fund — Police.

What do we mean by “polarisation”? Can polarisation lead to extremism? What are extremist narratives and why do they work? In the first video of the #DoOneBraveThing series, Aleksandra Sawa, Institute of Social Safety’s expert, talks about polarisation and extremist narratives.

#DoOneBraveThing : 5 types of extremist narratives

What kind of stories (narratives) do extremists use? What emotions do they play on? In the second video of the #DoOneBraveThing series, Jacek Mazurczak, Institute of Social Safety’s expert, presents 5 kinds of narratvies that extremists often use to attract an audience and push their message.

#DoOneBraveThing : effective counter- and alternative narratives

Find out what polarization is and how threatening with refugees has changed Poles’ attitudes towards refugees.

#DoOneBraveThing : designing your own social impact campaign

How to design your own social campaign? How to narrow down your target audience, how to choose the right platform? In the fourth film from the #DoOneBraveThing series, Aleksandra Sawa, Institute of Social Safety’s expert, talks about important aspects to take into consideration when planning your own social (micro)campaign.

#DoOneBraveThing : using social media for social impact campaigns

How to choose the best social media platform for your campaign? How to maximise the reach and engagement on your posts? In the fifth video from the #DoOneBraveThing series, Agnieszka Banaś, Head of Social Media in the WALK group, talks about how to maximise the potential of various social media platforms for your social (micro)campaign.