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Do One Brave Thing

It takes a significant amount of bravery to stand up to the extremist narratives that youth are exposed to online and offline, to speak out against violence and violent extremism, and to dissuade others from supporting extremist movements. It takes even more bravery to speak out against the ones they love the most.

Do One Brave Thing (BRAVE) aims to empower youth aged between 16 to 26 years-old in Hungary, Italy, Poland and Romania with the skills, knowledge and tools they need to engage constructively and challenge polarisation and extremism in their daily lives in their communities, countries and in Europe. It helps youth to recognise online propaganda and develop online and offline counter-narratives through active civic engagement. Youth is key in shaping the future of Europe.

BRAVE will pilot in Hungary, Italy, Poland and Romania with the intent to be scaled-up to the European level.

Some of the main drivers of extremism amongst youth are the feelings of disempowerment, insignificance, by lack of purpose, a disconnect between the information they’re given by mainstream media and other voices of authority and what they perceive as reality, as well as a lack of options to address the grievances they face.

What you will get

Empowering young people with the skills, tools and courage to challenge extremist narratives they experience in their daily lives: from parents and loved ones, to teachers, social media connections and community demagogues. This element of the campaign will provide the target audience with credible alternatives and positive narratives and support the youth to themselves expose and challenge extremist online propaganda and offline rhetoric.

How to be BRAVE

You will have at your disposal a diversity of materials that will help you take an active role in reducing radicalisation and extremism. In this website you can find campaign tutorial videos, interactive online guides, video testimonials, case-studies, infographics and animations, guides and many other resources and publications to keep up to date. You will also have access to a free plug-in to install on all your electronic devices so that you won’t get fooled online by untrustworthy news or posts.

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