Do One BRAVE Thing

Is this newsworthy?

Verify the share worthiness of any news article with just a click.

Do One BRAVE Thing

Check before you share

Don’t lose yourself in the informational and emotional streams. This is how you can fight against fake news.

Do One BRAVE Thing

How to be BRAVE online

Being brave does not mean being aggressive. It means to be aware of your strengths and weaknesses and being able to use them online and in your community.

What steps can you take to be BRAVE online?

Do One BRAVE Thing

Counter-narrative Campaign

Do you want to learn how to stand up to radicalization and fake news online? You’ve come to the right place!

Check our guide on how to create your own counter-narrative campaign!

Do One BRAVE Thing

External Challenge Radicalisation

Learn more about online radicalization and how to recognize its signs by reading our case studies and watch insightful videos on the topic.

Do One BRAVE Thing

Make a change

Is your community at risk from intolerance and hate? Do you see signs of extremism or see people being targeted for who they are?

Learn how to stand up, make a change, and get involved for positive change!